Nautilùs Games

The real product can vary in its appearance from the pictures shown above as it is a natural product.

Nautilùs - The board game for real sailors

Nautilùs illustrates an old sailor game from the 18th century, which was popular to play amongst sailors during the crossings of the pacific. The game combines old myths and yarns of the sea..

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The goal of Nautilùs is to bring your 8 sailors from the open sea to safe harbor in 60 steps. Inspired by the game concepts of Parcheesi, TAC and (Brändi) Dog Royal, Nautilùs is played in teams of 2 versus 2. The proven game concept comes with some tweaks and special rules that make Nautilùs a dynamic and fun gaming experience for everyone.


It is very important to us that we produce locally in Germany with a sustainable and social footprint. During the process we are working with a Bavarian workshop as well as a workshop for people with disabilities from Munich to create our games. Support Nautilùs and you will also support the social cause behind it!


The Nautilùs board is made from real birch wood and the game is played with high-quality glass marbles and playing cards with relief printing. The game comes with a linen bag for the game materials. Each individual game is also sanded and oiled by hand, and comes with a sustianable packaging with no plastic - a real design piece and eye-catcher.

Product Details:

Playing time: 60 - 120 minutes
Language: English
Size (board): 32 x 32 centimeters
Size of packaging: 33x 33 x 3 centimeters
Number of players: 2 or 4


Scope of delivery:

1 x Nautilùs game board made of real birch wood sealed with linseed oil
16 x glass marbles in four different designs
1 x white Blue Glass Marble
1 x small linen pouch for storing the marbles and cards
1 x dice (D6) made of wood
1 x deck of cards (108 playing cards)