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Ahoy & welcome! We are launching our Nautilùs kickstarter campaign soon! The goal of the campaign is to bring our board game Nautilùs to the international community and to launch our first pirate expansion with you. Sign up on our kickstarter page in order to get notified once the campaign goes live.

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A super fun & beautiful board game for young and old players,

for beginners and experienced board gamers.

Nautilùs Kickststarter

Game available in: 🇺🇸🇬🇧  🇩🇪

Online instructions available in: 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇳🇱 🇫🇮

(* the game is only available in EN or DE)

Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Legends & Yarns

Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Components


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"Dear Nautilùs team,

Thank you so much for the Nautilùs game. We played it for the first time with the family wich was really special. 

My 77-year-old dad had a longer stay in the intensive care unit but once we started playing he immediately got sucked into the Nautilùs magic and let himself be distracted by his illness. In fact, we all got distracted from the illness. We had a great evening, laughed a lot and were all very so fascinated by the game play that we all gradually internalised the rules and special moves.

Actually, everyone was far too tired to play at the beginning of the evening. But at the end we didn't go to bed until a quarter past 2am in the morning. We all worked so vehemently on our victory and tactics until the very end.

This time the women's team was winning closely. But my father is already waiting for revenge, which we are all really looking forward to."

Franziska from Munich, Nautilùs player

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Nautilùs Games Kickstarter Campaign Gameplay

The Nautilùs Pirate Expansion

One big goal of the kickstarter is to launch our first Nautilùs expansion. This new pirate expansion comes with exciting new cards and new components. We are going to introduce new game mechanisms which will make Nautiùs even more fun and unpredictable. Especially interesting for our existing German community! 


Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Pirate Expansion


"Quick and shallow rulebook that also seems very attractive for casual players. + A really wonderful game material with real wood game board - we have never seen something like this before!"


Nautilùs Review Your Boardgamers

Why Back?

Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Why Back?

We are a team of 4 friends with the love for board games and fun moments. Our goal with Nautilùs is to bring friends & families together and to create meaningful and fun moments playing a beautiful game.

Nautilùs Games is completely bootstrapped by our personal savings until today. In order to launch our pirate expansion and to expand internationally, we need a little "kickstart". Without this kickstart it will be difficult for us to launch an international version of Nautilùs.

Therefore we hope and thank you so much for your support!

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Kickstarter Campaign - About us

About us 

Hi Kickstarter community! We are Benyi, Chris, Kevin and Markus from Munich, Germany and the creators of the board game Nautilùs. We are 4 friends that share the love for boardgames, start ups, Oktoberfest and of course Magic the Gathering. 

We built Nautilùs Games to connect people and create meaningful moments with high-quality games that have a sustainable and social footprint. Nautilùs Games is an absolute passion project of ours, completely bootstrapped until today and a means for us to build a board game company by our principles. These principles include to avoid plastic where possible, to produce in Germany and neighbour countries and to set the highest standards for the design and materials. Furthermore, we are working with social institutions such as a workshop for disabled people to create our products. It is important to us to set a good example and to give back where we can. 

Find some impressions of our journey of creating Nautilùs over the last two years below:


Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Our Journey

A special thanks to our amazing partners

We are very greatful to be working with these amazing people to create Nautilùs: 

Leonella Rodíguez Dotti - Designer of the beautiful Nautilùs illustrations

Ricarda Hutter - Designer of our packaging as well as Nautilùs Essential

Andrej Bobanovic - Creator of our kickstarter videos

MFZ: Workshop for disabled people and our partner to assemble our wooden games

Our trusted suppliers who create the wooden boards, games, marbles and playing cards for us.


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