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Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Pirate Expansion

Nautilùs Kickstarter Campaign - Pirate Expansion

We are proud to tell you that will be launching the first ever Nautilùs expansion alongside our kickstarter campaign very soon. The pirate expansion will come with new action cards and a new gameplay that will reward sailors who are searching for treasures in the caves... 

The pirate expansion will bring in new elements that will make Nautilùs an even more fun gaming experience. Yo Ho Yo Ho!

Here you can see the new action cards and rules (the pirate expansion only works in combination with the base game):

New action cards & pirate marble

The new pirate expansion will come with 5 new pirate cards (there are two of each new card in the expansion) that can be added to the existing Nautiùs card set.

"Pirate" card & pirate marble:

Pirate Expansion - PiratePirate Expansion - Pirate Marble

Place the pirate marble anywhere on the field. Everyone who is bypassing this marble has to discard a card. The one who kicks out the pirate gets 1 treasure card.

"Broken sail" card:

Pirate Expansion - Broken Sail

Choose a sailor. This sailor cannot move this turn. Can be swapped though.

"Current" action card:

Pirate expansion - current

Decide on a compass point (N, E, S, W). Though a dice. All active sailors on the board go this direction. 

"Drunken Crew" action card:

Pirate Expansion - Drunken Crew

Player chooses sailor of next player to move. Then he chooses a card at random from that player.If possible to play, play it, else discard.

"Song of Sirens" action card:

Nautilùs pirate expansion - songs of sirens

Mark a sailor. This sailor is now placed to the starting position of the team member.


New treasure cards

The pirate expansion comes with 5 new treasure cards: These treasure cards will not be part of a player's hand. Once a player has collected the treasure cards, they are placed separately as "instant" cards at any time of the game. A player can collect treasure cards by arriving into a cave with treasure cards. The treasure cards are distributed to the cave at the beginning if the game and at the beginning of each new round.

A player may also collect multiple treasure cards if he comes to a cave with multiple treasures.


Nautilùs Pirate expansion - Fog

Mark one sailor. He is now invisible and cannot be chosen for any effects anymore until the next turn. The sailor is protected (cannot be thrown out).

Warm meal

Nautilùs Pirate Expansion - Warm Meal

Go additional 3 steps with one sailor. Can only be combinated another movement card.


Nautilùs Pirate Expansion - Mermaid

Negate the effect of a card that a player is playing.

Odin´s blessing

Nautilùs pirate expansion - Odin´s blessing

Draw one additional card. Discard a card. 

You want to learn more about Nautilùs and our kickstarter campaign? On this page you will learn learn more about Nautilùs, our team and the rules of the game.

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